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The Vision

Lakeside Christian Church is planting vibrant satellite congregations to reach the Kentucky area just across the river from Cincinnati, Ohio. Renovation of a satellite campus raised the need to update the main campus, and for that they again called on CSD. From the beginning, it was apparent that Lakeside's vision would involve redesigning the Front of House (FOH) tech booth, replacing older technology, and renewing existing technology. They desired a modern, more contemporary worship enviroment.


Designing the Vision

The greatest change came in the redesign and relocation of their FOH; a move necessitating significant change in infrastructure, but providing great benefit in the end. Lakeside committed to extensive expansion in both house and stage lighting, and the upgraded projection system consist of High Definition 11,000 lumen laser projectors, shooting onto 220” diagonal HD screens in front with a 60” LCD HD flat panel display serving as confidence monitor. Existing audio equipment was sufficient, however the system itself needed improvement. The speaker array was lowered and 1 box added to provide better coverage to the front seating. Side fill speakers were replaced and under-balcony speakers were added. Digital signal processing was updated.


Executing the Vision

“Before and After” comparisons are dramatic. The sanctuary looks and sounds like a newly constructed facility. Ministry opportunities have grown and church leadership is very pleased.



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