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The Vision

Clinton Frame Mennonite Church recently grew from 400 seats to over 1,000 in their sanctuary. Over the course of ten years in the new facility two problems emerged; first, they experienced clarity issues when speaking voices were amplified, and second, their sense of community presence was lost in all the space for growth.


Designing the Vision

It was an acoustical catch‐22. They needed to deaden the room for clarity of spoken voices, but not so much that they killed their congregational singing. This was an important issue for a congregation that thrives on community, corporate singing and preaching. The CSD solution revolves around the Constellation Acoustic System by Meyer Sound.


Executing the Vision

Constellation incorporates a system of discreet microphones, speakers and digital signal processing to provide flexible acoustic profiles in a single space. In a single venue Clinton Frame now enjoys modern worship in a contemporary sanctuary, congregational singing in a cathedral, and crystal clear teaching.


Calvary Story

Are you trying to balance having great sound and lighting while trying to maintain a budget? The team at Calvary did a great job at balancing vision and budget. Check out the video to learn more!

Clinton Frame Story

What do you do when your congregation grows to “pack‐the‐rafters” numbers in your original sanctuary? You build for growth! Watch this video to hear from Clinton Frame!


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