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The Vision

First Missionary Church recognized that their traditional sanctuary was alienating the younger generations. They truly wanted to live out Psalm 78 by creating a space for the next generation to connect with God, all while not disconnecting the older generations.


Designing the Vision

First Missionary Church knew they needed a space that could be multi-functional, bridging the gap between generations. One of the many pain points that they were facing was the disconnect between the stage and the congregation. They called in CSD to design an audio visual system that was flexible for all types of events, as well as a room that was completely immersive removing the separation of the stage and the congregation.


Executing the Vision

Central to their successful renovation plan was to bridge the gap between the stage and the congregation. This was accomplished with ChromaQ Inspire color LED house lighting, paired with batten lighting in the valance on the side and back walls. The extension of color throughout the entire room put the congregation in the middle of the worship experience, rather than the dark corners of the room. This immersive lighting system lead to a connected, engaged congregation.


First Missionary Church Story

How do you transform a traditional space into an immersive environment that reaches all ages? Watch this video from First Missionary to hear how they spanned the generational gap within their sanctuary.


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