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The Vision

First Church of God, Columbia City, IN was built for a more traditional worship expression. For quite some time the style of music has been changing, and the church realized that their AVL systems were no longer able to reproduce the look and feel that was now needed. Visually, the room was plain. Audibly, things were hard to understand, lacking clarity. These things fueled First Church of God's desire to refresh the space as well as update the technology to support this new, contemporary vision.


Designing the Vision

CSD was called in to do a full design/build project, providing First Church of God with the technology needed to support their new-found vision. For nearly a year, First Church of God and CSD worked together, creating a vision that was a perfect, unique fit for the church. While there was a real desire for progress, both the church and CSD understood the importance of getting buy-in from the church leadership as well as the congregation in order that all would be united as changes began to be implemented.


Executing the Vision

As a result of much collaboration with the church, CSD was able to provide First Church of God with a new concert quality loudspeaker system, acoustic treatments, stage monitors, stage infrastructure, theatrical lighting, and house lighting for their 1,000 seat auditorium.


First Church Story

Are you looking to be contemporary without being flashy? There are ways to connect with your audience without over-producing your services. First Church of God embraces the value that CSD will choose worship over production every time. Just because something is the latest and greatest technology, it doesn’t mean it is the best choice for you and your church.


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