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The Vision

Central Ministries has recently experience much growth, bringing in around 1,700 people every weekend. Their rapid growth required them to think about expansion. Instead of building an entire new sanctuary, the Central leadership made plans to expand their gymnasium, where they were already meeting. Expanding the gym allowed them the opportunity to grow from 600 seats and a portable stage to 1100 seats with a permanent stage. Their vision was to have a space that was multi-functional all while maintaining a distraction-free environment where people could engage in worship and word.


Designing the Vision

Due to the nature of the expansion, the church feared that there would be a separation between the old space (a hardwood gym) and the new space (a carpeted auditorium). They tasked CSD with designing an immersive environment that would bring the two rooms together, to ensure that all people within the room would feel included in the experience, rather than feeling disconnected. CSD worked with the tech team, worship team, and pastoral team to design a space that would provide excellence for singing and teaching.


Executing the Vision

CSD was able to take the Central vision and design an immersive space that would connect well with the congregation. Some of the AVLA elements include a rider friendly sound system, featuring d&b audiotechnick, Yamaha, Shure, and Digital Audio Labs. The space is visually immersive through the use of stage lighting by Martin, Chauvet, ETC, Elation, and Grand MA. ChromaQ Inspire full color RGBW house lights are placed over the seating area, so the entire room can be bathed in deep, rich color. Lyrics and graphics connect with people throughout the seating area by the use of Epson laser projectors as well as a large Vanguard LED video wall center stage. The result of this design is an immersive, flexible 1100 seat auditorium that can be used for various size events, all while connecting with people effectively.


Calvary Story

What do you do when you experience rapid growth? Expand! But what if you’re meeting in a gymnasium? Read the Central Story to find out more about their successful gym expansion.

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