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The Vision

The Sanctuary Church outgrew their old worship space many years prior to their recent expansion. It was a smaller room, with low ceilings, uneven sound and video sight-lines were always a struggle. They have a heart to see their community come to know Jesus and connect with the local church, and they realized that in order to accommodate the steady increase in growth, they needed to expand. Their vision was to create a space where people could hear the Word spoken evenly throughout the room, see things clearly from every seat, and have enough space for people to move and express themselves in worship.


Designing the Vision

CSD came alongside The Sanctuary to design and refine their vision for this new space. Audio was extremely important to the church. They wanted people to be able to hear clearly and evenly the message that was being shared as well as feel the energy and impact of the music being played on stage. Second to audio, was video. Initially, they desired to have 3 LED screens line the back of the stage; however, due to budget restrictions, CSD and The Sanctuary landed on a design for one large LED wall in the center, drawing the attention of the congregation to the center of the stage.


Executing the Vision

The finished product is a 1,000 seat room with adequate space for their expressive worship culture, a rocking L'Acoustics KIVA II audio rig powered by L'Acoustics LA4X amps, a flexible lighting package including RGBW house lights, and a beautiful 30-foot LED wall.


The Sanctuary Story

Watch for an inside look into The Sanctuary Church and their desire to use technology to connect people with Christ in a real and authentic way.

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