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Too many churches are consumed with copying each other, specifically in the area of music and worship. Where is the uniqueness? Where is the individuality? We don’t need song leaders; we need WORSHIP leaders!

It’s time to discover what makes you “you”. You have a story to tell. You have a style, and a voice, and a way of communicating that is unique to you. Embrace that! If you allow yourself to be raw and real with your congregation, you will be a better leader, people will grow more connected to you, and ultimately you can lead in a more powerful, authentic, and God-honoring way.

This book is easy to read. Each chapter shares real-life personal stories that will inspire you to lead better. Every chapter has a challenge for you to take action. Don’t just read; absorb, reflect, and uncover new, fresh ways for you to magnify the Lord in your church. Now is the time to fall in love with leading all over again; now is the time to gain a real passion for your people and a real perspective that you are a shepherd. You are called to know and care for your flock.


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In The Worship Unicorn, Doug puts practical tools in worship leaders’ hands - to gear us up for the epic quest of leading humanity to Heaven’s Heart. If that is your quest, this book is well worth the read.
Zach Neese
Gateway Church; Author - "How To Worship A King"
The Worship Unicorn should be required reading for every worship leader, pastor, vocalist, band member, front of house, media, lighting, stage crew, usher...ANYONE involved in the services and gatherings at our churches today. Each chapter is a powerful lesson to take in for today’s Levite who is busy chasing the perfect level of worship to help us zero in on the things that should matter the most! I’m going to personally start including Doug’s book in all of my mentoring from now on.
Jason Whitehorn
CCM Artist; Worship Pastor
Doug has written a book that takes practical information and presents it in an intriguing easy-to-read format. If you are looking for guidance that helps take your worship to the next level. Then you must read this book!
David Leuschner
Digital Great Commission Ministries
In The Worship Unicorn Doug Hood offers a practical, personal and encouraging guide for worship leaders who strive to achieve higher excellence in their ministry. He does so not by advising more rehearsal or scripting but by leading a worship service with a prayerful heart and a continual openness to the movement of the Holy Spirit. He also shares most credibly that the use of technology is not the focus of the worship experience but rather another tool meant to cultivate a relationship with the Living God ... namely in the person of Jesus Christ.
Deacon Rob Joseph
Catholic Diocese of Columbus Ohio

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