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The Vision

New Life Church originally built and equipped their auditorium with audio visual systems in 2004. Their audio system was past end of life and desperately needed to be replaced. Their vision specifically was to correct uneven coverage and improve the sound overall based on the antiquated equipment that was in place and incorporate new technology.


Designing the Vision

CSD staff member Daryl Porter previously served as the Chief Audio Engineer (1997-2007), so he was very familiar with the infrastructure and idiosyncrasies of the unusual shape of the room. It is a hexagon shaped room with six triangular shaped seating areas. It was originally in the round and seated nearly 8,500 people, but the configuration has since been changed to utilize five of the six sections, so still nearly in the round. CSD has provided the audio equipment for this church for many years, including their AVID S6L consoles for the main room as well as their Theater room, which we designed and installed a Meyer LINA system in 2020. This new system in their main room, which they call "The Living Room”, is a Meyer Sound LYON system. CSD expanded on their existing chain hoist system to suspend the Meyer 1100-LFC subwoofers in cardioid, as well as provided the ability to locate the subs on the floor for certain events if desired.


Executing the Vision

The new loudspeaker system is five line arrays, one per section of seating, each consisting of eight LYON line array elements and three 1100-LFC subs in cardioid, all suspended from chain hoists. Each of the five sections also has two Meyer LINA line array elements configured as front fills in order to lower the sonic image for the seating nearest the platform. The system is phase linear with outstanding frequency response and sounds amazing, providing the same experience to every seat in the house. The clarity is unsurpassed whether the volume levels are low or extremely high, with more than enough head room.


New Life Story

“We believe God is in everything. So we believe God is in the cabinets of the sound, and in the soundboard, and in the waves that go out. We believe He’s in that. We believe He invented it. We believe music’s the great gift. The sound of the human voice is that great gift that came from Heaven. When you’re amplifying that to a room full of people, not trying to sound too dramatic but that quality and beauty partners with the Kingdom… So am I saying that great quality sound helps with that? I’m saying yes, it does.”

Jon Egan – Worship Pastor, New Life Church – Colorado Springs


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