Executive Director

Glenn Peacock

Glenn Peacock has served as a technology expert and specialty consultant with some of the nation’s leading architectural firms on projects throughout North America. As a musician, producer and engineer Glenn began his career in recording production in the late 1970’s; he was mentored by a top CBC producer in the construction of a recording studio south of Montreal Canada. Through this experience, Glenn began a journey that ultimately lead to his practicing the art of technology design in all areas including workflow, function, and performance with physics and science as a cornerstone for over 30 years.

Some of Glenn’s distinctive projects include The Musical Instruments Museum, Phoenix, AZ (performance audio, distributed audio/visual systems), Calvary Church, Grand Rapids, MI (principal AVLA design), and UCSD Experimental Music Theater, University of California, San Diego (Constellation active acoustics, performance audio system). Glenn utilizes EASE, MAPP, Modeler®/Auditioner® Viewport, Soundvision, and Odeon 13 in acoustic modeling. He is an expert user of AutoCAD and SketchUp Pro, as well as Revit capable in his design work.